Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hidden R2-D2 In J.J. Abram's Star Trek Found

R2-D2 of Star Wars seems to have become a favorite robot to cameo in films. The cute but precocious robot has appeared in Raiders of the Lost Ark before (left) together with circuit-buddy C-3PO (do you see them?), but that film's also by George Lucas. This time, however, it's been included by J.J. Abrams in his Star Trek prequel (above; click image to view larger picture). Everyone knows that there's always been the debate on which space opera franchise is better - Star Wars or Star Trek. Now, Abrams' seems to want to bring the fans of the two franchises together as one happy family.

R2D2 only appears in the battle scene for a split second and it took the Gizmodo blog a while to find it. People who have watched the recently released DVD in slow motion also claimed seeing the droid gliding through space amidst the chaos, as if it has an "it's been there and done that" attitude.

Hidden things, or "Easter eggs" are fun, and Disney often uses them in it's movies, sneaking in Mickey Mouse's ears in scenes. Now other producers are also doing it and it seems the guys at Lucas's Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) special effects company are having lots of fun doing it. It helps in marketing, no doubt about it, and it's also become part of the off-theater entertainment of films, now that portable movie players are easily available and now that movies are easily viewed, replayed, and watched repeatedly online.

Did I mention that R2-D2 also has a cameo in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (above; effects also by ILM) and that director Lucas also added a cameo of E.T. in The Phantom Menace? Wouldn't you like to see a "Where in Space Is R2-D2?" book published?

Yes, R2-D2 is everywhere and it seems he can also be there beside your computer as a nifty USB hub! Click here or on the image to place your order.

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